Welcome to Concord Law School

Concord offers an accessible and affordable high-quality legal education to working professionals and others whose schedules do not allow for attendance at a traditional law school. Our proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) supports all the functions and interaction you expect to find in a law school. Concord's advantage is that the front door to our law school can be found wherever the students and their Internet connection come together.

At Concord, each student receives a personalized homepage on the school site. From there, students connect with the services, administrative offices, and the law school community in Concord's virtual hallways. This homepage for the Fundamentals program gives you an introduction to Concord's LMS. When you are ready to start the Fundamentals program, click on "Go to the Fundamentals Courses" below. You will be able to take a self-guided tour of the site's navigation functions, and you will also find the courses and modules that form Concord's Fundamentals program.

A word about the Fundamentals program:
Many law students start their law school career with little knowledge of the legal system and what is expected of them or how to get the most from their studying. Concord's faculty has designed the Fundamentals courses to relieve some of the stress of the first months of law school. The courses provide background and context as well as an introduction to the study skills and vocabulary you will need to develop to become a successful law student.

As with any law course, there are reading assignments. To get the most out of Fundamentals, we encourage you to acquire the assigned books. You can buy the books at the Concord bookstore, another online vendor, or perhaps at your local law bookstore.

Finally, students admitted and enrolled at Concord have a support team to guide them. In addition to their professors, each student is assigned an Assistant Dean of Students, a Law Advisor who assists with academic support and other study-related questions. Technical and administrative support is also readily available as well as librarians and career service professionals. Should you have questions about this complimentary Fundamentals program, please email admissions@concord.kaplan.edu.

Again, welcome. We hope you find the Fundamentals program productive and rewarding and it leads you to a successful law school education with Concord.