My First Year

Module 1 of 6 - My First Year  — Torts

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In "My First Year" students will

  • survey the four courses they will study in their first year at Concord
  • gain an overview of four classic topics that are foundational to the study of law
  • practice taking quizzes on material presented
  • learn how to upload assignments to the Concord Learning Management System
  • write their first "essay" answer analyzing a fact pattern
  • gain an overview of Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, and legal writing

Students are expected to work on all four courses simultaneously. They may not finish one course, for example, then go back and begin another. The site has a mechanism that will prevent students from streamlining only one course. This mechanism is called a "module block," and it will stop you from clicking through.


In this module, students will

  • gain an overview of Torts
  • demonstrate the ability to understand and apply core concepts
  • begin to understand "Intentional Torts"
  • gain experience with Concord's quiz system
  • practice active learning, issue-spotting, and fact-identification

Text - Click here for information about the texts for this course.

1.5 hrs

  • ch. 11, "Torts" , 0.5 hrs.
  • PDF Link: Annotated Case: Van Camp v. McAfoos, 0.5 hrs.
  • Outside Link:, 0.5 hrs.

    Tort Law Overview. Students are advised to print out these materials and read them before the lecture in this module.

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President’s Welcome – President of KU Betty Vandenbosch


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Intentional Torts - Associate Dean of First Year Programs Steve Bracci


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PDF Link: Intentional Torts Checklist
Please download and print out this handout before beginning the Lecture.